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Evelyn Park - Amateur Golfer


Evelyn Park is an astounding talent that is progressing her craft as a golfer at great pace since 2017. The High-Performance Coach for the Irish Women’s Golf Union in Ireland believes that Evelyn is made of the right stuff and possess the traits required to excel in golf...

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Rob Walker - Sports Presenter

Rob Walker is a very experienced tv commentator and presenter with an energetic and instantly recognisable style of his own. With more than 19 years in TV, including 7 Summer and Winter Olympic Games and 5 Summer and Winter Paralympic Games, Rob has contributed to and been part of some of British and World sports most memorable moments.

His voice and face have seen him become a regular on both Channel 4 and BBC sport for major events on Athletics, Triathlon, Snooker, Darts and Rugby. He has been one of the IAAF’s lead international TV commentators on every world championship since 2007, so his voice is also recognised across the Caribbean, East Africa, India, Canada and New Zealand.

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Paul Dempsey is a hugely experienced sports broadcaster who works as a presenter, commentator and reporter. Paul has amassed vast knowledge of the media rights business and can also offer personalised media training to high achieving individuals.

He is the anchor of BT Sport’s exclusive live boxing coverage, presenting every Fight Night Live event, and is very experienced in live commentary for Champions League, Europa League and European football coverage, with a focus on the Bundesliga...

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Paul Dempsey - Sports Presenter