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Services Offered


enter site We understand the pressure to perform, the hard graft, discipline and persistence required to perform well consistently. It’s based on this understanding that Sport Endorse came to be. Our core aim is to help provide talent with the space and security to concentrate on delivering to their potential, and to provide corporate brands appropriate alignment with rising, established, and former stars, that personify dedication and high-performance.

follow Every brand is on a continuous journey to establish itself as the best in its class and once there to remain at the top for as long as possible. Every sportsperson is essentially on the same journey.

see url We facilitate partnerships that make sense and allow brands and sportspeople to support each other and to succeed together.


site rencontre gitan Some of Ireland’s most promising sporting talent entrust us to manage their brands and their commercial interests. Our team works hand-in-hand with our talent to build their brand and to deliver value both during and post their active sporting careers.

binary options trading best sites We think creatively and outside the box to match our talent with brands who compliment both their commercial profile, their sporting discipline, and just as importantly, their individual interests.

http://careermastery.net.au/?pero=Buy-Tadalafil-Oral-Strips'A=0 We help our talent with:


We work closely with some of the best global, European, and Irish brands to offer unique and lasting sponsorship opportunities, helping them get access to rising, established, and former sports talent.

We assist with brand strategy, sponsorships and endorsements, content creation, naming rights, community outreach, and activation. The aim is delivery of relevant programmes that provide valuable and measurable outcomes. We have also helped several North American firms successfully activate and celebrate their connections with Ireland through sport.

We help our corporate clients with:

  • Brand sponsorship selection consulting.

  • Sponsorship activation.

  • Ad campaign ideation/design.

  • Product placement.

  • Focused media buying.

  • Client / staff events.

Miriam Bulman & Brendan McLoughlin - Sport Endorse


We help sporting organisations by providing commercial assistance to the organisations, including reviewing the assets that are available for commercialisation, restructuring assets to improve their valuation, and how to improve brand perception.

Through the grass roots work that some of our team do we believe we are well positioned to understand the pain points of a lot of organisations, and that our commercial and business acumen enables us to add real bottom line value to these organisations.

We help our sporting organisation clients with:

  • Naming rights for stadia / competitions / teams

  • Broadcast rights negotiation.

  • Online presence consultation, rebooting and management.

  • Medium to long term sponsorship opportunities sourcing.

  • Event design and delivery.

  • Sponsorship activation.

  • Regional and local club support.