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Affidea Brand Ambassador : Chloe Watkins

Affidea were looking for a brand ambassador who understood the importance of MRI scans and how access to excellent diagnostic scans can help significantly reduce time-out due to injury. Likewise they wanted to promote the benefit of their ExpressCare walk-in minor injury clinics to all sports players as they can get injuries attended too quickly. Hockey World Cup silver medallist and Olympian Chloe Watkins was a perfect choice as Chloe is enjoying a long career as an elite international player and aims to compete at the Paris Olympics in 2024.

“Working with the team at Sport Endorse has been an absolute pleasure. They have a clear understanding of our business and how to match a suitable Ambassador to fit our brand. They are forthcoming with advice and suggestions to help you maximise your agreement with your chosen athlete. I would highly recommend them!” – Muireann Feirteir, Head of Bus. Dev. & Marketing

What Platform Members Say

What really attracts me to the platform is how the athletes engaged with the product. We are going to continue to put up opportunities, to the point that we are moving our Google budget to Sport Endorse. 

Kevin Griffiths, Director, Leguano Shoes

When I first signed up, it opened up our company and our brand to thousands of athletes at a touch of a button. We were able to advertise, put promotions on it, and select ambassadors. We got 100s of applications for our first few opportunities and before this I wouldn’t have known how to approach them, the platform just brings that all together.

Stephen Budde, Director, SB Sports

Great platform to find a huge variety of sports persons, we were extremely pleased with the number of contacts we made in our ambassador search.

Matthew Hogan, Co-Founder, MIND YOUR MOUTH

When you’re on the way to being a World Champion you need a good team in your corner and Sport Endorse has been setting me up to knock out the competition for brands I work with – plenty more fire power here!

Jason Quigley, Professional Boxer

I’ve been a long-time fan of MINI. It’s a brand that for me is so British and carries this heritage through its design over the years. I was delighted when through Sport Endorse I was made a Friend of the Brand for MINI UK. 

Laura Siddall, Profesional Triathlete

I’ve been working with Sport Endorse for over a year and have enjoyed some excellent opportunities as a result! I am excited about the platform – as it will help brands learn about my skills and capabilities. 

Eimear Considine, International Rugby Player

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