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See how the Sport Endorse Platform helps brands and agencies with sports marketing, sourcing athlete ambassadors, speakers, sports influencers and more.


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Sport Endorse Platform

A champion’s selection of global athletes (competing and retired) from multiple sporting disciplines



Publish the scope and budget of the opportunity on the platform.


Receive expressions of interest and choose the best fit from the applicants.


Work with the talent selected to achieve positive results.


Brands We Work With

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Problem: Commercial Director of a racket brand wants to identify and work with a Tennis player for her product endorsements. Previously she had to dig through several databases to get information on the players which is a long tiring process.

Solution: Now the Commercial Director filters and searches by Tennis players on the platform to get complete player bios in a few simple clicks. She can then post an opportunity to shortlisted players straight from the platform and negotiate the deal.

Case Study 2

Problem: Brand Manager of a nutrition company is launching a product in a new market. As per the activation plan, they must go live at 3 different locations on the same day. They are stressing about finalising 3 good ambassadors for the launch. Previously they had to dig through several databases, send multiple emails, and make lots of phone calls – an exhausting experience!

Solution: Now the Brand Manager logs on to the Sport Endorse platform and creates opportunities across 3 locations and gets multiple responses from talent. All that needs to be done is to select the talent and secure the deal – an amazing experience!!

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