Sport Endorse founders Declan Bourke and Trevor Twamley PR shot with 4 athletes holding giant mobile phone and online URL promotional banners

Sport Endorse Co-Founders speak with the Press

Over the last month, Sport Endorse has earned significant attention from the Press and are currently running a festive holiday period TV campaign on Virgin Media TV. Co-Founders Declan Bourke and Trevor Twamley spoke to the Business Post and the Business Plus Magazine. Below are the key quotes and takeaways from the releases.

“A new platform which connects sportspeople with brands seeking to associate with elite sport promises to improve the commercial fortunes of emerging and minority sports talent in particular.”

Sport Endorse is evolving. No longer is it a sports agency which uses the traditional model of the industry. We wish to offer all elite athletes the opportunity to prosper commercially, so we built the Sport Endorse Platform which is a marketplace where athletes are offered commercial opportunities to work with brands/ businesses. We aim to disrupt the traditional model of Sports Agencies, and in doing so will help athletes, brands, agents and the agencies that subscribe to the outdated model.

“The potential to break the mould in sports representation across the globe.”

The Sports Industry has the potential to grow exponentially, in the future. It is currently being hindered by the old fashioned and slow nature of the traditional sports agency model. Society more than ever values speed. Businesses/Brands do too, they strive to be highly adaptable and responsive. The Sport Endorse Platform promotes such characteristics by offering a direct line of contact to a gallery of 500+ elite athletes from 50+ sports throughout the globe.

“For brands, seeking a sporting ambassador can be a time-consuming and off-putting experience.”

The task of acquiring a sports-related ambassador using the traditional model is awkward, to say the least. There is often no direct line of contact, trawling social media only yields results for some. With the process being time-consuming, many businesses simply don’t attempt to invest commercially in the Sports Industry. The old process is not attractive to many of today’s businesses/brands.

Bourke explains :

“It can be an uphill battle, so sadly you tend to see people abandoning their dreams for the lack of commercial support”

Sports Agencies struggle to serve the best interests of emerging athletes and athletes from minority sports since low contract and commission values, don’t justify the effort involved. Athletes face a significant struggle to secure commercial support.

“Opening up a new market of commercial opportunity to a broad pool of talent from across the country and beyond.”

The Sport Endorse Platform has the potential to increase the number of commercial opportunities for elite athletes, teams and sports. Athletes can apply for one of the many opportunities posted by the 100+ brands on the platform. The platform has created a clear and simple process for businesses/brands to identify talent in the sports industry. Brands can connect with 500+ athletes on the platform. Essentially, the Sport Endorse Platform is a one-stop-shop for athletes and brands in the Sports Industry.

Technology has allowed the platform to simplify the traditional model considerable. Bourke explains how the platform works in less than 50 words:

“It’s a really simple concept. The brands can use the platform to post opportunities for athletes, both active and retired. The athletes can view each opportunity, apply for it if they like, and the brands then chooses from the pool of applicants.”

This simple concept allows Sport Endorse to serve all elite athletes. Sport Endorse serves the elite athletes by providing them with a professional platform to advertise themselves and connect with brands/businesses. No longer is the task of securing commercial support so daunting. Sport Endorse can significantly increase a brands Return on Investment. We provide a simple and clear pathway which reduces financial and time investment.

Watch the Sport Endorse TV Commercial here!

The Platform provides businesses/brands and athletes with options:

“Plough your budget into one person or divide your spend across a number of lower-cost athletes”

Businesses/brands are free to pursue their own strategy. The platform provides not only a clear pathway but also several options as to how to approach the campaign. They invest in a single high profile with higher risk or spread their investment across a number of athletes in order to mitigate risk. The platform also provides athletes with options too, as the majority of athletes do not have the luxury of multiple businesses/brands offering commercial support. Athletes can apply for opportunities they are comfortable doing and avoid opportunities they aren’t. Not all athletes are comfortable to speak in front of crowds.

Looking for ideas on how to incorporate an elite athlete into your campaign? Discover and take inspiration from Sport Endorse’s previous work in our Case Studies.

“Sometimes people will be incredibly talented at their sport and they really need the financial support of a sponsor, but they’re not sure how to present themselves”

The Platform allows athletes to manage their appearance to the public and sponsors. Athletes can use the platform to create a professional CV to pitch to potential sponsors in the future. The Sport Endorse team assist and work with athletes attempting to secure commercial support. The goal is to educate elite athletes how to professionally pitch themselves to sponsor and manage their appearance in the public.

If you wish to learn more about how Sport Endorse assists our client base, visit our Services page. Here you will discover the services Sport Endorse offer to all talent and all businesses.

The issue within the Sports agency industry isn’t limited to Ireland and the UK. It is seen throughout the world:

“The universal problem it is solving – the unwieldy nature of the traditional sports agency model – should give it strong appeal worldwide.”

Popularity often dictates who the top earners are in countries but not always. Many sports cannot offer professional contracts to their elite athletes but athletes are expected to be on par with professional athletes. These athletes are at a disadvantage due to minimal commercial support. At Sport Endorse, we believe with the support of businesses/brands all over the world, we can potentially bridge the gap. Such potential will provide us with a strong appeal to elite athletes globally.

Sport Endorse support the elite athletes during and beyond their sporting careers. We are here for the athletes who make sacrifices every day to achieve their aims. Sport Endorses goal is to facilitate athletes in devoting as much time as possible to getting better performances, and to spend less time searching for necessary funding/support. The Sport Endorse Platform is the perfect tool for athletes as it provides them with easy access to opportunities from their mobile or computer. They can connect directly with brand manager and be selected to represent a brand.